Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2019 Goals

I'm not writing this to talk about New Years Resolutions. There's seriously no point in a resolution, because everyone makes them and then by the end of January everyone's already forgotten all about whatever it was they vowed to do. Or they just gave up and stopped giving a shit, because after all, we're all just human.

No, I'm writing this to talk about serious goals I have for 2019, and honestly as it stands right now, there's not a lot of them. Nor are the ones I have (in theory) honestly that difficult to obtain. I've already discussed all of these with Jesus as well -or most of them, anyway, Honestly every goal requires money, but all are needed.

First, we need to get him a new car. Not a brand new, like 2019 $200,000 full size truck or anything. Just a new to him, used vehicle, because his is falling apart. So we need to get him a new car as soon as humanly possible. We're both thinking it should be possible by like February or March. I'm not 100% sold on that, because decent cars can be super expensive,  even when they're used, and our rent is over $1,000 a month, but its do-able. We're gonna get him a new car.

Second; I absolutely refuse to make it to 26 without a drivers permit, if not a license. I didn't even want to make it to twenty-five without being able to drive, but that just did not happen at all. So my goal is to have at least a permit before the end of March, and to already be saving up for a car. Then hopefully by the middle of May, maybe even end of April, get my license and hopefully be able to afford a car. Or be close to it.

I also want us to get a dog, though I'm not sure when. My first priorities are the cars, but I definitely want a dog. We're going to adopt one from a shelter, because not only is it needed, but its also cheaper. Plus then we can get one that's teenage or adult aged, so maybe they're not going to be completely nuts. I love puppies but it would be nice to not have to train them fully. Eventually I think I would want a puppy, but not right now. We're far too busy. and they're alone most of the day while we're at work. A puppy shouldn't be left alone, but an older dog probably could handle that better.
I also want a rat, Jesus wants a turtle and I'm kind of thinking a fish tank would be kinda nice to have as well. So we will definitely end up with a bunch of pets.

And then the biggest thing for 2019, and this is more of a pipe dream honestly. Especially because if I manage everything else, we're going to have a house, two cars with car insurance on them, and basically a zoo in our home. But I really, really, REALLY  want to go to Disneyland California for Halloween.

Mostly because I discovered like last month or something like that, that they don't just decorate the Haunted Mansion there for Nightmare Before Christmas, its a whole new ride. Its a complete NBC ride, and they have his badass Oogie Boogie outside of California Adventure, and just AHH! I just really want to go to Disneyland, and it would be awesome to explore southern California some, so I want to do that so badly. Though I've looked into it and planned out an entire trip before, and its like $3,000, so who knows if that's realistic. But its definitely something I want to do super badly.

Then there's goals that honestly are probably more important, and don't really cost money. I want to learn to relax, and practice self-care. Like frankly, its a little stupid. I watch so many damn YouTube videos on people practicing self- care, and all the techniques and stuff like that. Do I put any of it into practice myself? No. Instead I watch hours of videos on the subject, going "Oh that sounds so nice. I should do that." and then move on with my life as if I never even had the thought. And then I end up with stress headaches so bad that it fucks my vision and makes me unable to really eat for a week.

That's a new thing that's only just cropped up in the past couple weeks, and I'm frankly hoping it never fucking comes back because its so not welcome. But I know me and my inabilities to relax, so I really want to try to find things that'll help me. And I want hobbies again, like painting or sewing. I wanna take more pictures, and take more baths. Maybe do more yoga, since it really seemed to be helpful when I was actively trying a couple weeks ago.

I'm just hoping to do a lot more in 2019, and hopefully it all works out.

Friday, November 30, 2018

House Things

I was reading some old posts from here, because why not? But I saw in one of my posts that I said I wanted to have a pink bathroom with makeup everywhere and a bright yellow guest bathroom, and wanted my bedroom to still be dark purple. Which it was at that time.

Who was I back then? For the life of me, I don't recall wanting a pink bathroom at the age of 18. I would have sworn I outgrew the whole wanting pink walls and to be surrounded by all the girly things by like fourteen max. I legitimately said I wanted a pink bathroom with makeup everywhere and fluffy towels on the towel racks.

I wouldn't have said my style has changed that drastically in the past six years, but apparently it has! I'm actually genuinely confused though as to why I said the thing about makeup. I've never bothered with makeup, and have never had a single point in my life where I had a serious interest in anything but eyeliner. That actually baffles me.

Jesus and I are getting a place in exactly three weeks, and I have so many style ideas for the house. We've talked about painting, which I think we might one day. We're allowed, we'll just have to paint it back when we move out so it can't be anything too crazy. Certainly no dark purple, because there is simply no covering that.

I have on and off said I would want a bright yellow kitchen, as a nod to my childhood kitchen. There's something just homey and relaxing to me about a bright yellow kitchen. So I actually had thought of doing that on a more muted level, kind of like a pale yellow, so it would be easier to cover. That being said, I have an affinity for all things red and black and already have red, black and grey kitchen items, such as plates, bowls and towels. And yellow frankly will make it look like McDonald's, so I'm not so sure about doing that anymore. For the time being, I don't plan to paint, really. Maybe eventually we will, since I know Jesus really wants to, but not right now. Or any time soon, because even if we get the ideas, paint is expensive and we have far too much to do.

For the kitchen, I mostly have red decor, but also will have black accents and it seems like most of our cookware will be black, solely because its easier to find that. I also think I will get a black table cloth, or maybe a red one, depending on what I find, just because I don't love our table. Its a beige color, and its got stains on it. I don't love it for not only the color, but I do think its a bit too big for the space. I would really like to get a dark wood hi-top table, just because I think they look really nice, and it would be smaller so it might work with the space better.

The living room right now is not going to be what I want. We're getting our old couch back from Brandon that frankly nobody likes, and nobody can agree on what color it is. I say its grey, but literally everyone else tells me its tan. But then to go with it, I also have a grey shag rug, a dark wood coffee table that I've always treasured because it came from Grandpa and Grandma's trailer that I honestly don't even remember it. Plus we've always had it in our house, so its something I've grown up with. Then we have these glass, guitar pick shaped end tables with metal legs and a wooden shelf underneath, and a similar looking entertainment center. The end tables came from Janet, and the entertainment center is coming from Steve. I don't love either, and mom might kept one of the end tables, but for now, it will do.

What I want to do, is get a dark wood entertainment center with plenty of shelving since between Jesus and I we have just under 300 Funko Pops, and I also have about 200 DVDs. We definitely need the shelving. Then to go with it, I would like to get dark wood end tables that preferably have a drawer in them, just for more storage. And we both want a sectional couch. I kind of want a grey one, just to break up all the dark wood, but who knows what we will find.

 On the wall behind the couch, I want to hang up my very colorful Bring Me The Horizon flag, Between Jesus and I, we have a ton of wall art, and I frankly have no idea where all its going to go, but I know for a fact I want that behind the couch. Jesus wants to get black out curtains, and I'm a little torn on that. I like the idea for the bedroom, but I don't think I like the idea for the living room. I also don't really just want blinds, but at the same time, they're easier Part of me thinks though it would be nice to have black curtains with maybe some sort of pattern, or a sheer overlay in the middle. I don't know, but I kind of want to brainstorm that further.

We also have a half bathroom downstairs, and I haven't put a lot of thought into what to do in there. I can't even remember if there was a cabinet under the sink in that one or if it was one of those stand alone ones. I have no idea if I will have room for decor or anything. I am thinking whatever I get for the upstairs though, I will probably get for the downstairs too, just because its easier. Jesus talked about putting his Marilyn Manson portrait in there, with one of those floating shelves, and like pentagram candles on it, just to be quirky and weird. I kinda like the idea, but at the same time, that seems a bit excessive. We'll see, I'm not opposed so if we can find everything, we can do that somewhere. The guest bathroom may not be the place for that though.

Then there's a short little platform, for lack of a better work right before you fully start going up the stairs. I'm thinking it would be nice to get a basket for shoes for that area. And I've been debating on what to hang on that chunk of wall. I have a mirror, but I kinda think that's a bit too small for that wall, so if I get a mirror I want a longer one. I might just put some wall art there, I don't know. Oh, I also forgot to mention that I would like to find a small entryway table, if I can fit one in that space just for a place for keys, ect.

Then you go up the stairs, and the first thing you see is a stacking washer and dryer, which isn't the best look. So I want to cover that with a curtain, though realistically it probably will just be a blanket for a while. You then turn left and are facing the bathroom door, along with the linen closet. On the right side will be the master bedroom, and the left is our spare room.

We haven't figured out what we're going to do for the spare room yet. Originally I said I wanted an office, but frankly, I don't need it for anything now. When I did Immortal Music, yeah, but not now really. So we have to figure out what to do with that still. Right now, I'm sure its going to be storage, but we've also talked about turning it into a game room/ den. Eventually, we're gonna get a bigger bed, so I'm thinking we will just put my bed in there as a spare room for whoever. Plus, we could use it as a couch. I'm thinking it would be nice to use that like a couch, put a TV in there, and maybe a desk, and use it as a den fully. And of course we can use the closet for storage. Though its got this weird hump in the walk in closet. Its really strange, because its carpeted even? I don't get the point of that really, but whatever. No biggie. We're also talking about turning that room into the collectibles room, and it would probably be where I would film YouTube videos and such. But I don't know if I want a room just dedicated to collectibles, because I would really like to have it all spread out through out the house.

Then in our room, I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for it. I don't have a vision at all, and I'm not sure Jesus does either. For now, its going to have my bed, my entertainment center and TV, vanity and probably my bookshelf too. Jesus wants to put the bed in the corner like I've always had it, but honestly I want to try having it centered in the room, and end tables on either side. Because then we don't have to possibly crawl over each other to get up, and will have a place to sit stuff on either side. I would like to put the bed right in the middle, and the TV on the opposite all, or possibly over in the corner, so its still at an angle. But I have a feeling I won't win that one.

Eventually though we want to get a bigger bed, and I want to also get a bed frame that's like dark wood (notice a theme there? I like the dark woods). Kinda thinking like a sleigh bed sort of thing, and we want a Queen or King size bed. I thought of a California King, but I've heard its only just a bit longer than the King size. I did think maybe that would be better since Jesus is on the taller side, but I don't think its needed. But I think it would be so nice to have a big luxurious bed, matching end tables on the side, and a small entertainment center with a new TV. I want to get a smart TV, and put my current one in the spare room. I did just remember though we have a full wall of closet space to work around, so that's gonna be interesting. I'll have to figure that out. I just know I definitely want it to be extremely cozy. For some reason, the bedroom has been something I've completely glossed over with ideas, I just don't really have many. I keep trying to think of something, but nothing's coming to mind just yet. So hopefully once we're in there, we can come up with something together. Otherwise, its going to just be a weird mess and I'm not sure that's what I want.

Then the bathroom. I've already decided I want it to be black and white with a pop of red. I already have a music note shower curtain, and a black soap dispenser. I've been debating if I want red bath mats or black, and I'm kinda leaning more toward black ones. But at the same time, if you drop something on a black rug, its gone forever. Those things are literal black holes. But I keep thinking it would be nice to do that, and get a black and white picture with a pop of red. I actually saw one I liked on either Amazon or Etsy, I forget which, that was just a rose on a piano, I believe it was. And the piano and background was black and white, but the rose was red. I loved it. And then if everything else was black and white, the red towels I have would really pop, and I could always get some sort of red accent decor to put on the sink or the back of toilet.

I don't know why, but for some reason interior design is something I've found some interest in recently. So hopefully I end up getting something set up and we'll have a super nice house that reflects our personalities a lot. I think its over all going to be super colorful, because of all the wall art. I know I have so many photos I've taken, Jesus has several portraits I can think of, and at least 1 poster still. He has a Halloween wooden sign that I bought him, that honestly would match very well in the bathroom, so I might actually hang that in the master bathroom after all. He also has a couple Legend of Zelda wood signs, a Halloween poster that we just got from AMC earlier this week, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. And I have a Coco poster, my flag, a BMTH poster, a few Jonas Brothers posters still, a Moana plaque, and of course, the photos I've taken. I don't think I'm taking them all, but I'm definitely taking the big ones, and maybe a few others.

We definitely have the decor down, but I'm sure we'll get more.

I've been pretty nervous about moving out, which I don't really understand. I am excited, but I think its the timing. We move in at the end of December, just before Christmas, when work is at its absolute worst. Right now we're constantly dealing with shipment, and other issues left and right. We constantly are behind and its bothering me a lot. And I've found myself very unmotivated to pack, and its been making me a bit depressed. From all the stress, I think I've been getting a little anxious and its all just a mess. I think its just because there's so much going on at once, and I just keep thinking I won't be able to actually settle in and unpack at all until after New Year, and that really sucks. And I know I will disappoint my family because I will be off on the day we're moving in and then probably not again until Christmas Day so I'm not gonna want to do anything actually on Christmas. Mom's accepted that, but I know deep down its bothering her. And I fear we're gonna fight about it. All the anxiety is making me extremely itchy, and I'm constantly on the edge of tears. I just can't wait to be settled. I'm sure it will all be fine but right now there's a lot going on.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Introduction into Nutrition

There's a lot of key nutrients that you need in your day to day life, and in this post, we're going to be talking about the basics. In later articles, blogs, whatever you wish to call this, we will be talking about everything more in depth.

Our key nutrients are as follows;

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates 
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Fats
  • Water 
We'll get the most basic one out of the way in this portion. Its a well known fact that everyone needs water to survive. Humans are basically walking house plants, so we need plenty of water and sun every day. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and all aspects of the body heavily depend on it. For example, your heart is 73% water, lungs are $83%, our skin is 64% water, our bones are 31% and the kidneys are a whomping 80% water. So clearly, we need it to function at least semi properly. You can only live three or four days without any water.

Its been said that you're supposed to drink two gallons of water every day; however its since been proven that the amount does vary per person.

This is judged based off of your weight, height, age and activity. Obviously if you're outside in the heat, sweating and running around, you're going to be dehydrating further. Internet calculators have told me, based on the fact that I am 25 and roughly 105 pounds, that I should be drinking about 40oz a day of water. That's a total of five 8 ounce glasses as day. That being said you can also eat your water through many fruits and vegetables. 

Examples of watery fruits are; watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit,  cantaloupe, honeydew, blackberries, peaches, lemons, pineapples, even apples. The highest one though is grapefruit as it is 92% water. Apples even have 87% water, plus they're great sources of fiber as well. 
As for veggies with lots of water, you can go with many different options. Cucumbers, lettuce and celery are all tied into first place with more than 90% water, then are followed by things like bok choy, radishes, watercress, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus, portobello mushrooms, Swiss chard cabbage, cauliflower and turnips. Just behind all of that is broccoli with still almost 90% water, and spinach just behind that. 

It seems like a no brainer, but water does tons of different things for the body. It helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, keeps your temperature normal, and obviously prevents dehydration. It also lubricates and cushions your joints, protects your spinal cord, blocks the development of kidney stones, helps keep you regular by ushering waste through your intestines, reduces the severity of headaches (fun fact; 60% of headaches are caused by dehydration), can fill you up before meals to aid weight loss if you're going for that, and can blunt sink disorders and forms of wrinkles. 

After that, there are recommended amounts of each other nutrient that you should get per day, but we will discuss that further in a later post. 

In our next post, we're going to be talking about vitamins. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm gonna have the weirdest house.

I have been thinking about redoing my room, just because I can. That got me thinking, once I move out, the place I live in is going to be the weirdest place ever. If I'm allowed to paint, I know my room will be purple. Probably a dark purple, and I imagine the living room being a bit calmer, but not really. Like a blue or something. That might have something to do with the fact that our living room is a sky blue, and has been since the week we moved in. I want the guest bathroom to be very bright and vibrant, like a semi bright yellow or something. Mine though, despite the fact that I am far from girly, will be girly. I've always wanted a pink bathroom, with all the makeup spread out, and fluffy towels hanging on racks, things like that. I don't know why, I just do.

     I haven't planned it all out, and of course not everything goes as planned, but the main thing about my house is for it to be unique. I already know that my house, instead of having normal art, and things, it will have framed band posters, and photographs that I personally took all over the house. I also really want to have random little things that are conversation starters. Like a tie dye beanbag chair, an antique looking phone, a random splash of color on the wall, ect.

     I don't like matching things, and that's sort of obvious by the way my house is. I'm not kidding, on the outside it looks normal for the most part, but when you walk in the door you see colors. The kitchen is bright yellow, the living room/ dining room is medium blue, my room is too shades of purple, and my brother's room is orange. The only normal colored rooms in the house are my parents room, and both bathrooms.

         I mainly want to have odd little knick knacks and things. I got that idea from an old Shane Dawson video, where he was asking fans what random things he should put in his house. Most people said a stripper pole, but for Shane's fans, that's not surprising a bit. I might not go that far, or I might, I don't know yet!

   My room now reflects who I am a lot, and I like that. A room, or a house, should reflect on who you are. My room shows that my favorite color is purple, and that I'm obessed with music. The notebooks spread out on a bookcase show that I'm a writer, the framed photographs show that I'm a photographer. On top of that, the fact that I have a ton of Disney and girly movies proves that while I look one way, I still have my girly side to me.

   I want to one day have my own actual office for Immortal Music, and I've already decided that I'm going to have a prop room. None of the bands will see it, but before anyone comes in for an interview or photoshoot, I'll go and put random things in the room, just to see what they do. Like if it was say, All Time Low, I'd probably put a lot of toys in the room for them. Or Blood On The Dance Floor, lightsabers would be perfect. I'd want them to feel comfortable, and to remember me differently then they remember everyone else.

So, I'm going to stop now, I want to get started on my room. Leave a comment telling me about your room/ house. Or, what random thing you'd want, just because?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parents need to realize when their job is complete

I was listening to Shinedown's song, "Second Chance" and got to thinking about how true the lyrics are. A parent's job is never fully done, but they need to realize when the majority of it is done. There comes a time in every kid's life when they suddenly realize that they are no longer a child. You start seeing the world different. Some people are ready to take on the world, some are not. That's perfectly fine though. Anyone who is not ready will get there in time. I personaly though, am ready. I view the world totally different, the past few months have really changed me a lot. I'm still myself, I'm still the girl that likes to talk on the phone until midnight, and gets excited over Build A Bear, but I am also the adult that knows that I need to be tactful about life. I know you need money to do things, and that nothing comes easy. The difference between being a kid and being an adult is knowing when you need to be serious, and when you can joke around. There's honestly not a big difference between adults and kids. Even adults like to do stupid little things like play in the sprinklers from time to time, or watch kids movies for no reason. Unfortunately, my parents have yet to realize that they've done they're job, and  they've done it well.

"Tell my mother, tell my father I've done best I can to make them realize this is my life. I hope they understand. I'm not angry, I'm just saying sometimes goodbye is a second chance. "

Parents have to let you say goodbye sometimes so they can look and see what a good person they've created. Or sometimes, a goodbye will make everything better. It doesn't always. Saying goodbye helped my relationship with my dad a lot, but it tore my relationship with my mother apart. They need to realize though, I have major dreams, and I know I can reach them. I know now that I can stand on my own two feet.

I don't need them like I used to. I still need them in my life, I just no longer need them to make all the descions. I really wish my mother would see that. I don't think she even realizes she does it, but in a way, she seems to think she can still control my life. Has anyone else felt like this? Like their parents attempt to control your life, even though you're old enough to make your own choices?

  I've noticed if my mom knows I'm in an arugment with anyone, she will even go so far as to say, "Tell them I said.." or, "Say this.." Come on, really? Nobody cares what you say about the situation, Mom. Its not your fight its mine, and I'm going to use my words not yours. Is my mom the only one that does that? I give you, I used to be too nice for my own good, and let everyone walk all over me, but she needs to realize that I'm no longer like that.

     This past year has actually changed me a lot. I'm not a naive kid anymore. I'm an adult. Why doesn't anyone understand that? I actually feel grown up now. Its only recently hit me that I am grown up, and so are most of my friends.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guess I'm doing something right

My mother reads a lot, and talks to a lot of fellow OCD readers, and some authors. She's become friendly with some of them online, and one of them actually wrote a book, and has a rock band. Of course, I heard rock band and told her to send him my way. She didn't put me in contact with him directly, but she sent him to Immortal Music and Music = Life. He informed my mother last night in an email that he has released the album for the rock opera he's been working on, and enclosed a link. I will be reviewing it for him, but he also made a comment about my work that both excited and confused me.

               He told my mother that he thinks I'd be a good "marketing mogul." I said that was cool, but didn't quite know what it meant. Like every other person of our generation, I Googled it. Just through what I can find on Wikipedia, I think it means I'm a good sales person. Like, I can come up with something good, work hard on it, get people interested in it, and I get the people to like me so they contiune checking back. So basically, I think he just said that I'm already getting to a good start with what I want to do.

      I want to be a music jouranlist. That's no secret, I share that with the world, both online and offline. You do have to work very hard, and its all about the bands and appealing to those fans. You appeal to them, and somewhere along the line, you recieve a fanbase of your own. I know I already have a fan base, and I am not talking about the amount of 'likes' on the Facebook page. That means nothing, since I do not have 720 people commenting on everything I post. That just means 720 people have pressed a button on a page, that does not make them fans.

   Off the top of my head, I can name off about five or six people that are 'fans'. One of them being my "manager", and he's actually the only "fan" that I have that is known in person. I've only had two people tell me they're a fan of mine, but I can tell I have others. They may not be fans of Immortal Music, but they're fans of me.

        I'm going to be honest with you guys, I actually put more into the Facebook page than I do on my own profile. I hardly ever post on my profile, all I do is IM people, like things, and play games. I don't post constantly, and only once a month or so, do I post any pictures. Ever since the page started getting active, I've actually looked forward to seeing every single day who says what.

Our parents probably think its completely stupid that we spend hours a day on the computer, doing nothing but sitting on Facebook and watching YouTube videos. I admit, sometimes it is totally pointless, but other times its not. With the internet today, you can learn so much with just a click of the mouse, or make friends with someone half way across the world. Thirty years ago, you could do that, but it was through snail mail, and you'd probably only hear back from them once or twice a month because the mail is so slow.

        Music = Life came a full year before Immortal Music, just because I wanted a page where I could talk to people about music. It honestly didn't work for a very long time, I almost deleted the page several times because nobody was on it. I had less than 100 people for probably the first six months I had the damn page, and 40 of them were my friends. Only two or three of my friends actually care about what I do, the rest just ignore it and go, "Oh, that's nice." from time to time when I talk to them about this stuff.

              I love the fanbase I'm building, and the people the bring in. We all hear people say, "I love my fans!", and people tend to just assume they like the attention. I'm beginning to see that is not true, or at least for me it isn't. I love the fans I've recieved, because they have similar interests to myself. I can talk to several of the people on the page about random things, even off-topic things that make no sense to the original subject. I consider some of them to be friends.

  Today I am proud of myself. :) I like this feeling a lot. Thank you so much, guys!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gather 'round. Ariel's talking

Oh how I love pissing my brother off over a computer before 9 o'clock in the morning. Its just so wonderful! No, I'm not serious. That was sarcasm, and there seriously needs to be a sarcasm font, just so I can indicate sarcasm better. I've meantioned this on Music = Life, but I feel like taking this further for a few minutes. I also feel like talking about a few other things, even though it seems like nobody actually takes the time to read these things.

             So yesterday, I finally changed the cover picture for Music = Life to be themed around Warped tour. Its fitting since the first date of the 2012 Warped tour is in three weeks, on June 16. The page though is not fully done yet, and its driving me nuts! It wouldn't bother me if Asking Alexandria was on Warped tour again this year, because then I could argue that it still goes with the theme, but since they aren't, its totally thrown off. My OCD is apparently kicking it and there's nothing I can do about it because my dad and brother are hogging the computer for a stupid fucking game! I feel like I don't dare say, "Well, can I actually get on there? I'm not wanting to play like you guys, I actually have work to do." I'm pretty sure I'd just get my head chewed off if I did that. So, I must keep my mouth shut because clearly Diablo 3 is way more important than the thing I'm sort of building a career off of.

           Yes, I'm pissed off. I find it highly unfair really, but whatever. I was going to try to get Photoshop on the laptop and just getting the unfinished graphic on here, but that failed. I'm just screwed for now. A friend of mine is going to help me out, so soon I'll be able to fix it. What would be the easiest is just getting me my own computer. That way, I could be on it as much as I want, with my Photoshop, and iTunes easily accessable.

     I promise, as soon as I can, it'll get done. As for the website, I haven't actually decided if I'm going to change it or not. The layout is currently themed around All Time Low, and has been for a month or two now. If I don't change it, I'm still good to go because they are on Warped tour this year. They also happen to be the number one band on my list of 'must see' bands at Warped tour. This being said, if I find the time, I might be changing it to go along with the multipule band theme, just in time for Warped tour. I do rather enjoy this layout, I love how it turned out. 'Course, I'm sure you're aware of that, its been up since April.

     I will get around to everything, but for now I must get off here and do stuff in the real world.